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 Tired of losing deals?


Give us a try on your TURN DOWNS OR



 We will turn your TRASH INTO CASH!!


**Southern California Properties only**


Earn more $$with us (Up to $7,000)


Our Typical borrowers are those with equity in real property, but either have a low FICO® SCORE, or need Stated Income, or self employed business borrowers who don’t want the RED TAPE. Even if your client lacks sufficient equity in the subject property, we may still be able to fund by cross-collateralizing their other properties.  


Borrowers often seek private money loans when they need cash quickly, and cannot wait, or cannot qualify for a typical institutional loan.  We'll fund single-family residences (1-4), 5+ units and commercial property.  Bring us your odd or non-conforming loans, and we'll try to turn them into commissions for you!


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  •   A POINT FILE or a Complete 1003/1008
  •  Credit report
  •  Appraisal (If you have one)


We will respond promptly with a Loan Proposal:


Office:        949-297-4180 or   949-768-1773


Fax:            949-768-6363


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