Private Money Real Estate Loans

Direct Private Real Estate Lenders

HOMEFRONT 2. is a private portfolio real estate lender that uses its own money to make loans based primarily on equity, not FICO® SCORES. Loans are not sold to investors, so we are able to be fast, creative and flexible. We pioneered HELOC loans for subprime borrowers.

Since it’s our own money you will get quick decisions when you submit a loan. Many times we do not require an appraisal.

The management of the company has had more than 30 years experience with loan origination, and purchasing existing notes.


We help borrowers:

*  Pay-off debt

 * Cure a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

 * Cash for Business

 * Cash out on Investment Properties


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 We at HOMEFRONT 2 take pride in our personal service, straight talk, and  our ability to get loans funded fastWe draw docs in-house and do our own escrows.

What to expect:
  • Personal Service
  • Rapid Response
  • 30 Year Track Record
  • Flexible Terms
  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Escrows in-house


Private money lending is all we do and we do it well. We are interested in any loan that makes sense.


If you are looking for a Private Real Estate Lender without the bank red tape involved, we can offer loans to fit your borrowers’ needs. 


We offer;     

  • No up front fees


It's our money and we make the decision to make the loan. If it makes sense, we can do it.





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